August 10, 2022

"Set it, and forget it! It took an email and a phone call and then within a few weeks Jim showed up to install our egress window coverings. They fit perfectly and snugly. They are very strong, I'm almost 300lbs and I can lay across on top of them! They may seem a little expensive at first, but seeing the quality and service Jim provides makes it worth the expense. It is also cheaper than a hospital visit when someone falls into a 4 ft window well.... 10 out of 10. highly recommend."
August 19, 2021

July 1, 2021

"We have a deep egress window that we kept getting leaves, rodents caught in and was certainly a large liability issue if someone were to fall into the opening. The local hardware stores only had flimsy, cheap plastic covers that did not meet our needs. Jim created a custom window cover for us and has solved our issues, looks great and will last for years."
July 1, 2021

The Highest Quality!

"Jim installed 3 covers at our home in Pelican Rapids that are super strong and look great too! I feel at ease with my grandkids running around the house now that my windows are covered. "
June 7, 2021

"Very fast and efficient. Quality of frame is outstanding. To early to tell about how plexiglass will stand up. Glass edges are not trimmed or covered so I have concerns about Chipping and cracking but time will tell."