About Us

High-Quality Polycarbonate, Steel Window Well Covers contractor in Grand Forks, ND

About us

Based in Grand Forks, ND, Custom Egress Window Coverings has been providing highly durable, custom-designed egress window covers to fit any size or shape window well since 2011. Our custom egress covers are lightweight and built to last, and can protect your property from the elements, unwanted pests and more.
Egress Window Covers & Egress Window Guards
If you’re tired of your egress window wells collecting rain, being covered with snow, or being attractive homes to outdoor pests, it may be time to cover them with one of our beautiful custom egress window covers.
about us
We take pride in building attractive window covers that prevent the collection of moisture in your egress window well. Our large egress window covers serve as a barrier from things such as weather, debris, and animals, but still allow the sunlight to fully shine through your egress windows. While our covers are stable enough to withstand the nastiest of weather, their lightweight and innovative design still allows for simple removal in the case of an emergency.
  • Our frames are made of light gauge welded steel
  • Frames are easily taken off and removed
  • Always designed so that your windows will open under our custom made covers
  • We always follow the curves metal, fiberglass, composite frames
  • We always round the top next to house and round the fronts of the custom cover so that they shed water easily and stay clean