"Set it, and forget it! It took an email and a phone call and then within a few weeks Jim showed up to install our egress window coverings. They fit perfectly and snugly. They are very strong, I'm almost 300lbs and I can lay across on top of them! They may seem a little expensive at first, but seeing the quality and service Jim provides makes it worth the expense. It is also cheaper than a hospital visit when someone falls into a 4 ft window well.... 10 out of 10. highly recommend."
Tony Doll
"We have a deep egress window that we kept getting leaves, rodents caught in and was certainly a large liability issue if someone were to fall into the opening. The local hardware stores only had flimsy, cheap plastic covers that did not meet our needs. Jim created a custom window cover for us and has solved our issues, looks great and will last for years."
"Very fast and efficient. Quality of frame is outstanding. To early to tell about how plexiglass will stand up. Glass edges are not trimmed or covered so I have concerns about Chipping and cracking but time will tell."
Don Fischer
Exceeded our expectations!:
"We had Jim install FIVE custom covers and they are GREAT! They are durable and there's plenty of light streaming through. And last, but not least, we have finally said "Goodbye" to all the varmints, snakes, frogs, and snow. We live in Fergus Falls, MN."
Dennis Oberg
"The egress covers remove very easily and keeps our egress container very clean!"
W Larson
Safer Home
"I feel like my house is much more secure thanks to our fantastic window covers! Thank you Jim! Thank you for making the outside of our home safer for our children!"
"We feel our house is much safer after the installation of our amazing egress window covers. Thanks to Jim, we no longer have to worry about our kids' safety around the outside of our house!"
Steffanie Lindgren